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The right to bear arms... - Mostly Cynical. Sometimes Sentimental.

Nov. 1st, 2008 10:44 pm The right to bear arms...

Especially AK-47s, so we can finally get rid of all the evil trick-or-treaters.

I wonder if the NRA will be sending flowers to the boy's funeral...This hit so close to home for me because going door-to-door was what my 12 year old boy was doing last night with some friends (and 2 dads).

Isn't it ironic that nobody seems to be yelling about the fact that our Bill of Rights is used as toilet paper in the White House, but Dog forbid we take AK-47s away from ex-cons, who have, apparently, one "constitutional right" left -- to kill innocent children who are out trick-or-treating with their family.

Sometimes, I am so sick and tired of the misplaced priorities and sheer inhumanity in this country, I could vomit.

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