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Faith Restored... - Mostly Cynical. Sometimes Sentimental.

Nov. 4th, 2008 11:11 pm Faith Restored...

What an AMAZING NIGHT!!!!!! Say it with me, people: PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!! PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

I've had my faith mostly restored in this country. If it weren't for the obvious overabundance of homophobes banning gay marriages all over the place my happiness would be complete...but I guess someone has to protect the rights of "a man and a woman" to divorce each other -- isn't that what the sacred bond of marriage all about?

Oh and to all the people who voted YES in Arkansas on Initiative 1: How many children are YOU willing to adopt??? You make me sick.

But this is a GREAT night overall. I am no longer contemplating seeking asylum in Canada or New Zealand, since tyranny has ended and we may actually get our constitution and bill of rights back (there's a reason I'm not capitalizing those words, at the moment). And CO voters SOUNDLY defeated the obscene idea that life begins at fertilization.

And local news seems great, so far -- Death with Dignity PASSED (take that, Martin Sheen, who should never have gotten involved since he doesn't even live in WA); Bellevue Parks Levy PASSED; Sound Transit PASSED, DARCY BURNER LOOKS TO BE HEADED FOR THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPS!!!!!! (I hope I'm not jinxing anything). Jim McDermott CRUSHED his opponent (85% to 15%) and Jay Inslee won very nicely, too. Rob McKenna, one of only 2 Republicans I've ever voted for in my lifetime, also won quite nicely as WA Attorney General, Yay!

Still holding my breath on the Governor's race -- I want Chris Gregoire to win a second term in the worst way...but it seems we're headed for a repeat of the '04 match with Rossi...darn it! Also, Terry Bergeson has to go, but that race (Superintendent of Public Education) is also still too close to call. Sigh.

What a HISTORIC night! Woo-hoo!!!

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